Piece On Peace

ADVERSITY TAKES MANY forms, challenging different peoples in different ways to dig deep, get creative and power through their problem using whatever means they’ve got.

London and Detroit, two distinct cities with decidedly disparate economic, cultural, and historical realities, share a rich musical tradition that has carried each community in times of crises, present and past.

The recent riots in London illustrated the darker side of the human condition, with heartless violence, gluttonous looting, blind muggings, and mob destruction running rampant in the streets for nearly a week.

But the video for “Mind”, top, by Fatima and Floating Points off their Follow You EP, offers a brighter picture of life across the pond, a stark contrast from the endless riot footage that was passed around ad nauseam in the media.

Fatima, a beautiful and confident woman brimming with positivity, shines her smiles upon the city street as she strolls through the marketplace, accompanied by Floating Points’ light, jazzy Rhodes rifts, balmy bass and soulful drum kicks.

Peaceful, hopeful, and carefree, Fatima contributes her tremendous vocal skills to bettering her community and lends a constructive and stable voice to a city in flux.

Pair “Mind” with Resident Adviser’s Real Scenes: Detroit documentary, above, and one will see the transcendent power of music in full.

Real Scenes has an incredible soundtrack, with tracks from Scott Grooves, Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, and many other greats leading a sonic tour through one of electronic music’s most hallowed cities.

While Detroit’s landscape and infrastructure may appear post-apocalyptic, the electronic soundscape is flourishing and thriving, providing an outlet for young artists and fans to escape and find solace in music.

No matter how hard things may get, one can never give up and lose hope.  The human spirit is infinitely stronger than any material, authoritative, or economic obstacles standing in the way, and music is the wing that can carry us over the hurdle.

There will always be a place and energy for young people to unite and shake their butts in unison.  So before you pick up that rock, rob that store, or lose all hope in your community, pick up the stylus and take a record for a spin, see if you can channel your energy through rhythm rather than destruction.


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