Machinedrum Samplr

seesea (Preview)

Faces (Preview)


IT’S HARD ENOUGH finding time in the day to properly absorb all that Travis Stewart offers as Machinedrum, considering Room(s) has been on repeat all summer.

But Stewart dropped three new track previews on his Soundcould last week that broke one spell, if only to create another.

Like Machinedrum’s 10 year career, “seesea”, “Faces”, and “Masq” come from all different angles of the electrosphere, shattering genre restrictions to produce hybridized sounds and melded marvels of reimagination.

The perfect swan song of the summer, “seesea” is a sun-speckled, sunscreen splash in synth with aqueous glints of azure vocal samples and riptide bass that pull you in for one last splash in Neptune’s watery world.

Wasting no time, “Faces” rushes straight to the boogie, getting wacky on 80s inspired G-Foof spunk funk with throwback drum and synth tracks

Ominous, industrial, and unnerving, “Masq” rounds out the trio in frazzled fashion, spreading bliztkrieg air siren bombs atop tropical style drum kicks and acid synth droplets.

Enjoy the tracks and stay posted for full versions, as well as other new Machinedrum material to come.


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