Burner Break

CUTTING TO THE chase, jazner is just moments away from departing for Burning Man 2011 – Rites Of Passage, meaning this site will be on hiatus for the next week.  Don’t fret though, here are a few highlights from the past week as well as a couple jamz that will be echoing throughout the playa.

  • SHLOHMO dropped his FACT mix this past Friday, take a listen below, and don’t forget to peep the interview and obscure tracklist that sets a new precedent for FACT mixes
  • 100% Silk has some new releases that jazner can’t wait to dive into during his decompression from the Burn.  Here’s Octo Octa‘s smurfy disco cut off their latest 12″

    Don’t forget Magic Touch‘s debauchee video for “I Can Feel The Heat”, so apropos for the Black Rock Desert
  • Our good friend Altitude Sickness, who will be taking his famous tupperware monome to the playa, gives us a sneak peak of some new mash-up beats and customized visuals in his latest video for Dublab, “Dublabdub”.
  • And finally, a new jam from Ryan York (aka Asura) entitled “If I Am This Forest”, a crystal quartz glitterati cut off good friend Brian Simon’s label Non Projects.

Hope you enjoy all this new music.  Keep in touch, when we’re back there’ll be more in store to satiate your dusty eardrums!


Couldn’t leave for the playa with out giving respect to disco queen Cheryl Lynn – see you @ BRC!!! )*(



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