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D. jazner’s Day Jammer

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Footcrab (DJs Rashad & Spinn Footwork Remix)

THE TRACK THAT broke a thousand ankles, took footwork out of the warehouses of Chicago and introduced it internationally to the electronic masses, has received an even jukier makeover from two of the scene’s godfathers.

While Addison Groove’s “Footcrab”, a premiere track in the ever developing footwork tradition spotlighted on Kode9’s DJ Kicks, has made the rounds throughout the blogosphere and electronic magazine circuit, OG DJs Rashad and Spinn decided  to bring their juke baby back home and show the hordes of new nerdy white boys (jazner included) hopping on for the ride what Chicago footwork is really all about.

Rashad and Spinn take their time with this one, building and developing the beat to form a complex,  well thought out remix with a dirty climactic drop midway through.

Other juke tracks, particularly the ones featured on Planet Mu’s Bangs & Works Vol. 1 comp, have a rushed, gritty, thrown together lo-fi quality that doens’t detract from the music, but has the tendency to scare less adventurous listeners away.

This track is smooth like butter, with a better production style that maintains all the grime, but rounds off all the jagged edges.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get jukier, Rashad and Spinn revist Addison Groove’s instant classic and take it to a whole new level.  While juke slowly creeps to the mainstream, it’s important to remember the roots of it all.  Stew on this track and keep your ears open for Planet Mu’s follow-up comp, Bangs & Works Vol. 2, set to drop Nov. 7th.


Crisis Averted

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CRISES FACILITATE CHANGE, prompting one to switch it up or stay the course, but above all to take a stand and make a decision.

jazner found himself in such a situation after a recent trip to Amoeba Music Hollywood, where his stack of wax easily outnumbered his stack of cash, calling for the need to make an executive cut.

On the chopping block was the debut release from EVM128, Groove Content EP, the first off UK radio host Ross Allen’s label Meltdown Music Recordings, but after hearing two special tracks, jazner wrangled his economic crises demons, dug deep into his pockets, counted quarters and emerged a changed man wielding new jamz.

Groove Content is a roller-coaster ride featuring animated dips into funk, bass, electro and hip-hop, with some soulful female croons added atop for some extra flair.

The title track has been hailed by Gilles Peterson as a ‘classic’, getting some airtime on his BBC Radio 1 show, and for good reason.  A dance-floor party starter, “Groove Content” wallops with synth waves and a burgeoning bass line, starting the EP on a good foot.

The real banger resides on the B-side, where all true bangers naturally hang.  A real deal bump n grind track, “The Slow Jam” doesn’t front.  R&B acid sheen and voice box vocals get bedroom eyes glaring, making it hard to peel oneself the sticky sex seeping from this groove.

Music over money, always, even if you gotta count change.  Once you got your stack, grab your copy of Groove Content from Boomkat, or just take a listen above.

Keytar Chemistry

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ALWAYS A PLEASURE featuring king of the boogie funk and Pasadena native Dâm-Funk, who just dropped a free EP, InnaFocusedDaze, via Scion A/V that’s downloadable right here.

The single, “Forever”, received the royal treatment by means of a intergalactic space saga showcasing Dâm-Funk with his running mates Master Blazter, a wicked keytar solo at the 3:30′ mark that has long been a fixture of Dâm’s live sets, and the latest special effects circa 1988.

“Inside Of U” is rich in synthetic, silky synth tones, a sonic lullaby cradled close to the heart and professed with unrestrained sympathy.

The title track flips the switch, coming at you with pumped urgency and a tenacious attitude that leaves the energy on high, making the temptation to jump back to the beginning unavoidable.

Be sure to catch one of Dâm-Funk’s patented keytar shreds as he hits the road on tour once again, peep the dates here.  Til then, let the liquid boogie flow.



Take The Trip

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Nightime (Crazy P Remix)

MUSIC CAN TRANSPORT you to a distant memory or moment, grabbing you by the ears and flinging your consciousness to a time thought to have passed long ago, alive only in spirit.

It’s no wonder, then, why jazner is geeking out so hard after identifying a track that provided the soundtrack to his Burning Man 2011 experience – Greg Paulus’ “Nightime (Crazy P Remix)”, off his 12″ of the same name released earlier this year on Wolf + Lamb.

“Nightime” was heard multiple times in multiple places all week long on the playa, and for good reason.  Its sexy, minimal, thrumming bass line and throbbing, downtempo drum beat provided the perfect compliment to a night under the desert stars, the velvety smooth synth pulling you closer to serenity while you’re dancing with loving strangers on rocket propelled highs to the stratosphere.

A calm but forceful intensity drives this track, to the point where it’s hard to hear it come to an end.  Luckily, there’s the repeat button.  Hope this track can take you places like it did with jazner.  Big shout-out to Lazybrow for nailing the info down!

Worth The Try

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I’m Trying

SO EXCITED TO bring you a track that’s been raging nonstop on jazner‘s turntable, one that Britt from 100% Silk notes was a major late night after party dance-floor hit on his and Amanda’s recent trip to Australia, and ranks as one of the couple’s favorite silk-y tracks put out to date – Octo Octa’s “I’m Trying” off their latest 12″ maxi-single, Let Me See You.

Pulsing four-on-the-floor drums build a pleasurable disco anxiety that can only be relieved by flaunting one’s catalog of dance moves for all the freaks playing in the nocturnal underground.  Illuminated retro synths sprinkle glittery glam that’s full of sass and DIY couture attitude, backed by choppy vocals relenting the need to just ‘let it go’ – and why not heed the call?

“I’m Trying” rivals Magic Touch’s “Clubhouse” as 100% Silk’s most raucous, club friendly banger, set to torch dance-floors abalze with neon neuromance.  Check it out for yourself.

Valeu Mermão

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OLHA SÓ GENTE – You’re invited to hop aboard the Rinse FM airwaves, where Floating Points leads a trip through the colorful musical heritage of Brasil – a country full of beauty, creativity, tragedy, and potential.

Floating Points is on point once again with an eclectic mix that features samba, bossa, tropicalia, jazz, soul and everything in between, passionate enough to get even gringo hips swervin.  Artists include Lô Borges, Pedro Santos, and many more.

Stream Floating Points In Brazil from the Eglo site or download it here (right-click save as).

And if that weren’t enough, peep the snippet of Floating Points’ upcoming single “Danger”, below, with its simmering synth and deep bass line that wind down the BPMs and turn up the late night vibrations.


Gypsy Lounge

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soo high

DISCO DOLDRUMS MIXED in syrupy swamp clods gurgle deep behind Europe’s hologram curtain, where Estonia’s premiere rogue party monster Maria Minerva spins spools of heady dance gems on her first proper LP, Cabaret Cixous, on Not Not Fun.

Cabaret Cixous lurches from various angles, weaving styles at a catatonic pace like a patchwork quilt blanketing a snuggle puddle.  New age ambience floats through abstract vocals and succulent synths drippings, kept alive by the ever thrumming pulse of wacky drum and bass tracks plinking chintzy shards of glam.

Contrasts abound in Cabaret Cixous, making its unclassifiable, multilayered oddity the perfect place to drop your baggage of expectations off and hop on for a trip to your inner headspace.  It’s a dissociative social function with spiked potions and ghost wallflowers trapped in a K-hole.

Warm R&B emissions of electro-glow radiate in “lovecool”, “honey honey”, and “spiral”, intergalactic space xxx jamz pulling heartstrings with their gravitational tug.

Other tracks, “soo high”, “pirate’s tale”, and uber-banger “laulan päikse käes”, slam with a cyperpunk attitude of a junkie hitting the streets of the future dressed down in denim.

Maria Minerva is the bridge that connects Not Not Fun and 100% Silk: trippy, loopy lo-fi looniness and dancy, underground alt-club disco-getter tied together with DIY charm.  Cabaret Cixous embodies the best of both worlds, grounded with shades of psychedelia.