Distal Decompression

DECOMPRESSION HAS BEGUN, in full effect after a glorious week in Black Rock City for Burning Man 2011 – Rites of Passage (photos on the way).

Easing jazner‘s transition back into the default world is Distal, an Atlanta based producer who’s been generating a lot of steam over the past couple weeks with his hybridization of grimy ghetto, booty shakin hip-hop, freaky footwork, house and post-dubestep stylings.

Distal Fact Mix

Distal’s recent FACT mix gets bumpin with fat 808 bass lines booming off concrete graffitied walls at points like the 17′ mark, making you want to get down on the asphalt and krump it out like you ain’t tryin to play.  Check the tracklist here.

Coke Bottle

“Coke Bottle” lets the soda bubbly flow, roiling waves of deep bass and retro Roland clap and snap samples for a furious, ghetto fabulous Southern swangin cacophonous cut.

Boss of the South

“Boss of the South” heads straight to the 4/4 dance-floor, dropping swooshy acid synths and sirens, crispy percussion and a throbbing heartbeat bassline that warm the rug cuttin souls busting their chops to the groove.

Mamanimal (Clip)

Distal is also featured on Salva’s Frite Nite Compilation, Surreal Estate, with the track “Mamanimal”, a trek through the outer regions of the space-funk universe.  You can download “Mamanimal” in full at XLR8R.

Stay posted…


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