Gypsy Lounge


soo high

DISCO DOLDRUMS MIXED in syrupy swamp clods gurgle deep behind Europe’s hologram curtain, where Estonia’s premiere rogue party monster Maria Minerva spins spools of heady dance gems on her first proper LP, Cabaret Cixous, on Not Not Fun.

Cabaret Cixous lurches from various angles, weaving styles at a catatonic pace like a patchwork quilt blanketing a snuggle puddle.  New age ambience floats through abstract vocals and succulent synths drippings, kept alive by the ever thrumming pulse of wacky drum and bass tracks plinking chintzy shards of glam.

Contrasts abound in Cabaret Cixous, making its unclassifiable, multilayered oddity the perfect place to drop your baggage of expectations off and hop on for a trip to your inner headspace.  It’s a dissociative social function with spiked potions and ghost wallflowers trapped in a K-hole.

Warm R&B emissions of electro-glow radiate in “lovecool”, “honey honey”, and “spiral”, intergalactic space xxx jamz pulling heartstrings with their gravitational tug.

Other tracks, “soo high”, “pirate’s tale”, and uber-banger “laulan päikse käes”, slam with a cyperpunk attitude of a junkie hitting the streets of the future dressed down in denim.

Maria Minerva is the bridge that connects Not Not Fun and 100% Silk: trippy, loopy lo-fi looniness and dancy, underground alt-club disco-getter tied together with DIY charm.  Cabaret Cixous embodies the best of both worlds, grounded with shades of psychedelia.


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  1. […] on a tear this year, spinning goopey tapestries of somnolent beats on her first official LP weave Cabaret Cixous and the Noble Savage 12″, both for 100% Silk.  And she ain’t done […]

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