Worth The Try

I’m Trying

SO EXCITED TO bring you a track that’s been raging nonstop on jazner‘s turntable, one that Britt from 100% Silk notes was a major late night after party dance-floor hit on his and Amanda’s recent trip to Australia, and ranks as one of the couple’s favorite silk-y tracks put out to date – Octo Octa’s “I’m Trying” off their latest 12″ maxi-single, Let Me See You.

Pulsing four-on-the-floor drums build a pleasurable disco anxiety that can only be relieved by flaunting one’s catalog of dance moves for all the freaks playing in the nocturnal underground.  Illuminated retro synths sprinkle glittery glam that’s full of sass and DIY couture attitude, backed by choppy vocals relenting the need to just ‘let it go’ – and why not heed the call?

“I’m Trying” rivals Magic Touch’s “Clubhouse” as 100% Silk’s most raucous, club friendly banger, set to torch dance-floors abalze with neon neuromance.  Check it out for yourself.


2 Responses to “Worth The Try”

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  2. […] who in the past collaborated with Zola Jesus, Ital, and Matrix Metals, teams up with fellow Silk-r Octo Octa this time around, revealing the first cut, “Wherever, Boy”, off their upcoming […]

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