Take The Trip

Nightime (Crazy P Remix)

MUSIC CAN TRANSPORT you to a distant memory or moment, grabbing you by the ears and flinging your consciousness to a time thought to have passed long ago, alive only in spirit.

It’s no wonder, then, why jazner is geeking out so hard after identifying a track that provided the soundtrack to his Burning Man 2011 experience – Greg Paulus’ “Nightime (Crazy P Remix)”, off his 12″ of the same name released earlier this year on Wolf + Lamb.

“Nightime” was heard multiple times in multiple places all week long on the playa, and for good reason.  Its sexy, minimal, thrumming bass line and throbbing, downtempo drum beat provided the perfect compliment to a night under the desert stars, the velvety smooth synth pulling you closer to serenity while you’re dancing with loving strangers on rocket propelled highs to the stratosphere.

A calm but forceful intensity drives this track, to the point where it’s hard to hear it come to an end.  Luckily, there’s the repeat button.  Hope this track can take you places like it did with jazner.  Big shout-out to Lazybrow for nailing the info down!


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