Keytar Chemistry

ALWAYS A PLEASURE featuring king of the boogie funk and Pasadena native Dâm-Funk, who just dropped a free EP, InnaFocusedDaze, via Scion A/V that’s downloadable right here.

The single, “Forever”, received the royal treatment by means of a intergalactic space saga showcasing Dâm-Funk with his running mates Master Blazter, a wicked keytar solo at the 3:30′ mark that has long been a fixture of Dâm’s live sets, and the latest special effects circa 1988.

“Inside Of U” is rich in synthetic, silky synth tones, a sonic lullaby cradled close to the heart and professed with unrestrained sympathy.

The title track flips the switch, coming at you with pumped urgency and a tenacious attitude that leaves the energy on high, making the temptation to jump back to the beginning unavoidable.

Be sure to catch one of Dâm-Funk’s patented keytar shreds as he hits the road on tour once again, peep the dates here.  Til then, let the liquid boogie flow.




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