Crisis Averted

CRISES FACILITATE CHANGE, prompting one to switch it up or stay the course, but above all to take a stand and make a decision.

jazner found himself in such a situation after a recent trip to Amoeba Music Hollywood, where his stack of wax easily outnumbered his stack of cash, calling for the need to make an executive cut.

On the chopping block was the debut release from EVM128, Groove Content EP, the first off UK radio host Ross Allen’s label Meltdown Music Recordings, but after hearing two special tracks, jazner wrangled his economic crises demons, dug deep into his pockets, counted quarters and emerged a changed man wielding new jamz.

Groove Content is a roller-coaster ride featuring animated dips into funk, bass, electro and hip-hop, with some soulful female croons added atop for some extra flair.

The title track has been hailed by Gilles Peterson as a ‘classic’, getting some airtime on his BBC Radio 1 show, and for good reason.  A dance-floor party starter, “Groove Content” wallops with synth waves and a burgeoning bass line, starting the EP on a good foot.

The real banger resides on the B-side, where all true bangers naturally hang.  A real deal bump n grind track, “The Slow Jam” doesn’t front.  R&B acid sheen and voice box vocals get bedroom eyes glaring, making it hard to peel oneself the sticky sex seeping from this groove.

Music over money, always, even if you gotta count change.  Once you got your stack, grab your copy of Groove Content from Boomkat, or just take a listen above.


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