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Broken Toy

Carving Away The Clay EP Sampler

A FUN SIZED tricked out treat tucked in the Halloween goodie bag today comes from fLako, a London via Chile producer whose Carving Away The Clay EP is set to hit the streets November 7th from Project Mooncircle.

fLako’s use of negative space, abnormal tones and sliding rhythms makes for a fresh ride through Carving Away The Clay.

“Broken Toy” mimics the first person suffering and pain of its subject title, with gurgles, harumphs and short-circuits interweaving to create a vacuum-tight groove that’s weird for all the right reasons.

The darling track of the EP is “Lonely Town”, which features the mysterious Dirg Gerner and hits right around the 3′ 39″ mark of the Soundcloud sampler above.  A late night, rainy, solemn downtown mood permeates throughout the track, the minimal textures in the beat juxtaposing the heavy sulk of a man suffering from solitude.  Be sure to listen to this one in full when it’s available.

Stay tuned for more…



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Obsession (Feat. B. Bravo)

HE JUST ABOUT conquered 2011, Paul Salva doing it all, from dropping one of the year’s best LPs in Complex Housing, to putting his Frite Nite label on the map with Surreal Estate, remixing the likes of Miguel Migs, Pharrell and Beans, and icing it with his acceptance to the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid.

As if that weren’t enough, Salva is making one more move, readying his Yellobone EP, an eclectic trio of booming beats with two remixes from Shlohmo & 2KWTVR and LOL Boys sprinkled on top, available Nov. 15th from Friends of Friends (note: despite jazner‘s affiliation with Friends of Friends, there is no denying how hard this EP hits).

Pairing RBMA inductees past and present, our first peek comes in “Obsession”, a woozy, velvet boogie groove featuring OG Frite Nite-r B. Bravo on the talk box.  Download it from the stream above.

The prefect cap to 2011, Yellobone will make you shake.  Keep an eye out Nov. 15th.

Detroit Faith

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Faith (UK Radio Rip)

AUTUMN MEANS HARVEST time, and one of the major scores this Crop-tober is the single-sided white 7″ from Jay Simon, “Faith”, off Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint.

Gushing with soul and swinging R&B energy, “Faith” is a forceful journey of lament and frustration masked by an undeniable groove.  Swooning female vocals counter a thrusting drum beat and thrumming guitar, giving “Faith” a powerful and crisp appeal easy to keep on repeat. 

Most distributors are sold out of this one, but you can find a copy at Discogs and other corners of the internet.  Highly recommended!


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More Than Me EP

SOMBER AUTUMN GLOOM tunes creeping through the airwaves, an air space electrified with thunderstorms and rumbles generated today by London youngin Eliphino, who’s prepping the Halloween release of his More Than Me EP, available on Somethinksounds.

Dark, overcast tones and fiery, volatile beats collide on More Than Me, the dreary wetness of a UK rainy day juxtaposed with the glistening sweatness of an all night dance rager.

The melancholy synth line, rolling drum track and halftime break down in “Devoted” makes it the EP standout, but the fervent tension and magnetic trance of “I Played” is a close second.  Take a ride on the stream above.

Definitely a treat, More Than Me will be a great addition to your Halloween playlist.

It’s Alright

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I’m Alright

WITH FANBOY SETTINGS reaching near Comicon levels, jazner found a brief moment to get a grip and bring you the first inkling into Sepalcure’s upcoming self-titled full length via a non-album B-side cut that’s nothing less than beautiful.

“I’m Alright” backs “Pencil Pimp” on the duo’s upcoming single, prepping the Nov. 21 release of the LP on Hotflush.

The track quickly slinks into intimate mode, a melody of satin tones and soothing rhythms undulating at every turn, locking into a pocket perfect for the slow grind.

Midway through, “I’m Alright” transforms, unleashing a sultry beat threaded with ghostly vocals and an impassioned synth melody brimming with soul and embracing movement.

What makes Sepalcure such a special duo is not (only) the fact it pairs Machinedrum, one of the all-time favorites at jazner, with Braille, who’s Braille EP, also on Hotflush, is one of 2011’s most underrated releases of the year.

It’s the fact that Braille and Machinedrum are able to collaborate and produce a cohesive sound that embodies the strengths and unique musical angles each producer identifies with.

Traces of Machinedrum rhythms and Braille house melodies are rampant in the Sepalcure catalog, but neither one overshadows the other.  The two work as a unit, influencing one another, and producing electronic music that’s next next level.

Geekin out hard on this one, you can expect to find Sepalcure right here once it drops.

Drop It

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Addison Groove – An We Drop (Scuba DJ-Kicks)

ANCHORING SCUBA’S INSTALLMENT of the DJ-Kicks series is an exclusive banger from jazner favorite Addison Groove, “An We Drop”, a track the Hotflush boss notes “is one of the key tracks [on the mix]” he weaves for !K7.

Rumbling, nervous, jittery energy runs throughout the track, a staccato synth line foreshadowing an impending cliff dive into electronic oblivion.

But for all its talk, “An We Drop” never really drops, keeping the listener engaged and their anxiety levels high.  Layered, rolling drum tracks and pulsating, low end bass mimic a racing heartbeat nearing meltdown mode, Addison Groove stringing us along for a ride that takes us to the brink, only to pull back, tease, and tantalize.

Scuba’s DJ-Kicks is out now on !K7.


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DJ Manny – All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)

DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent

THE JUKE JUGGERNAUT keeps barreling along, bulldozing unsuspecting onlookers in a footwork frenzy that takes no prisoners.

Charging today is the Ghettoteknitianz EP, a six-track collection of Chicago juke all-stars off Planet Mu that features new music form DJs Rashad, Spinn, Traxman, and more, while shouting-out to the producer’s shared history as part of the Ghettotek Chicago juke collective.

The juke sound continues to evolve on the EP, upping the production value and letting smooth, soulful cuts play out, but maintaining the grit and rawness that makes juke so savory – jelly roll booty bounces tucked beneath 808 ballistic shrapnel shards.

Despite the hyperactive sound, juke steers clear of the aggro-bro energy dubstep spawns.  Girls can dance to it, and guys can do more than fist pump to it.

DJ Manny’s “All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)” lays a thin layer of whistling synths over a Weezy F. Baby smoke plume that’s packing frenetic tom toms and bass bombs in its cloud.

DJ Rashad & DJ Manny’s “R House” is an atomic bass meltdown, the Chuck Roberts sample from “Our House” letting everyone know who runs the show in the footwork game even in sonic fallout. Traxman’s “We Are The Best” adds insult to injury.

Planet Mu has a follow-up to the much loved juke compilation, Bang & Works Vol. 2, set to drop Nov. 7th, that features some of the artists from Ghettoteknitianz, as well as other OG juke legends.  Peep the tracklist below –

01. RP Boo – Heavy Heat
02. Jlin – Erotic Heat
03. DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz
04. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent
05. DJ Metro – Burn Dat Boi
06. DJ Clent – Ball’em Up
07. DJ MC – Y Fall
08. DJ Spinn – Crazy ‘n’ Deranged
09. Traxman – Funky Block
10. DJ Rome – Showtime
11. DJ T-Why – Finished
12. Tha Pope – When You
13. Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul
14. Jlin – Asylum
15. DJ T-Why – Orbits
16. DJ Roc – Get Buck Juice
17. Traxman – Brainwash
18. DJ Clent – DJ Clent #1
19. DJ Metro – Smak My Bitch Up
20. Young Smoke – Space Muzik Pt.3
21. DJ T-Why – Juice
22. DJ Solo – What Have You Done
23. Young Smoke – Psycho War
24. Young Smoke – Wouldn’t Get Far
25. DJ Metro – Tekno Bangz
26. RP Boo – Off Da Hook