Frite Nite Freaks

Sepalcure – Deep City Insects

Salva – Policy

Ghosts On Tape – Video Void

XI – Whiteout

OCTOBER’S GHOULS HAVE descended upon us, and peeling back the layers of cobwebs unveils a premiere compilation from Salva’s Frite Nite label, Surreal Estate, primed to hit record stores Oct. 4th.

Surreal Estate combines the talents of the Frite Nite roster, which includes Salva, B. Bravo, Comma, and more, while sprinkling in exclusive tracks from jazner favorites Sepalcure, XI, Ghosts On Tape, and other optimal beatheads.

Sepalcure’s contribution, “Deep City Insects”, sets the pace for the compilation by combining Machinedrum’s partiality for rumbling, bouncing bass jolts and Braille’s penchant for wispy, imploring house vocal cuts.  There is a dark, ominous vibe to the track, a ‘deep city’ underbelly lurking in the shadows and poised to pounce with low end artillery.

Download Sepalcure – “Deep City Insects” here.

Salva is a shapeshifter, consistently emerging from the beat lab brandishing a new sound.  “Policy” is no different.  Frenetic drum samples, foreboding emergency alarms, and unrelenting bass wallops create a sense of anxiety that must be mellowed through a therapy of multiple listens.

“Video Void” is a pressure cooker about to bust open its lid, drawing out its tension and taking the beat right to the edge of the drop before pulling back and keeping the anticipation on high.

“Whiteout” is creepily cool, getting you into a groove but making you keep one eye open with its eerie synths and drilling drums.

Surreal Estate will mark Frite Nite’s hallowed and haunted 13th release, perfect for October’s spookiness.  Grab your copy and support Bay Area bass music.


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