Scuba Vibin


DEAR TRANCE, WE haven’t forgotten about you.  Sure, those days of suiting up in candy bracelet gowns, furry boots, and florescent fishnets may have passed.  And yeah, waving those tickets to see Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren may not conjure any pangs of jealousy from this end.  But c’mon, we’re an electronic family, we have history, don’t get all bummed cuz you haven’t been on this site before – now’s your time.

Hotflush head Paul Rose, known for his work as Scuba, recently dropped the Adrenalin EP, and while it may not reside strictly in trance territory, it definitely dibble dabs in an e-puddle or two.

From the introductory faux vinyl crackle and upbeat female vocal cut, trance doesn’t initially come to mind on “Adrenalin”.  But once the delayed synths and guteral bass line drop at the 2:45′ mark, you’d be hard pressed not to slip on your trance pants for this one.

Scuba keeps it classy though, not going full fledged raver, and for that he gets props, incorporating a style that has long been blacklisted by the general electronic music community and reappropriating it to be encountered from new angels and audiences.  Keep an ear out for more producers to copy this trend.

“Never” also touches on trance tropes, with synth showers raining throughout the track, while “Everywhere” harks back to 80s dancin days with retro drum and synth lines that make it the dark horse favorite of the EP.

Scuba has a DJ-Kicks mix (tracklist below) about to hit the streets, and will be releasing Sepalcure’s debut LP on Hotflush Nov. 22nd.

01) Sigha – HF029B2
02) Surgeon – The Power of Doubt
03) DBridge – For Tonight
04) Badawi – Lost Highway (Incyde remix)
05) Peverelist – Sun Dance
06) Until Silence – The Affair
07) Addison Groove – An We Drop [EXCLUSIVE]
08) Roska – Leapfrog
09) Trevino – Shorty
10) Beaumont – CPX11 [EXCLUSIVE]
11) Function – Two Ninety One
12) Braille – Breakup
13) Quest – Everybody in the Place
14) Sigha – Let Me In [EXCLUSIVE]
15) George FitzGerald – Shackled
16) Jon Convex – Streetwalk [EXCLUSIVE]
17) Mr Beatnick – Don’t Walk Away From My Love
18) Boddika – Acid Battery [EXCLUSIVE]
19) Marcel Dettmann – Captivate
20) Arkist – Rendez-Vous (SCB edit)
21) Locked Groove – Drowning
22) Recloose – Tecumseh
23) Sigha – Where I Come To Forget
24) Sex Worker – Rhythm of the Night
25) Scuba – M.A.R.S. [EXCLUSIVE]
26) Jichael Mackson – Gedons
27) Rivet – Running S
28) Recondite – Backbone
29) Ludovic Vendi – Mental Bright
30) Rivet – Slant
31) Scuba – Adrenalin
32) Sepalcure – Inside


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