DJ Manny – All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)

DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent

THE JUKE JUGGERNAUT keeps barreling along, bulldozing unsuspecting onlookers in a footwork frenzy that takes no prisoners.

Charging today is the Ghettoteknitianz EP, a six-track collection of Chicago juke all-stars off Planet Mu that features new music form DJs Rashad, Spinn, Traxman, and more, while shouting-out to the producer’s shared history as part of the Ghettotek Chicago juke collective.

The juke sound continues to evolve on the EP, upping the production value and letting smooth, soulful cuts play out, but maintaining the grit and rawness that makes juke so savory – jelly roll booty bounces tucked beneath 808 ballistic shrapnel shards.

Despite the hyperactive sound, juke steers clear of the aggro-bro energy dubstep spawns.  Girls can dance to it, and guys can do more than fist pump to it.

DJ Manny’s “All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)” lays a thin layer of whistling synths over a Weezy F. Baby smoke plume that’s packing frenetic tom toms and bass bombs in its cloud.

DJ Rashad & DJ Manny’s “R House” is an atomic bass meltdown, the Chuck Roberts sample from “Our House” letting everyone know who runs the show in the footwork game even in sonic fallout. Traxman’s “We Are The Best” adds insult to injury.

Planet Mu has a follow-up to the much loved juke compilation, Bang & Works Vol. 2, set to drop Nov. 7th, that features some of the artists from Ghettoteknitianz, as well as other OG juke legends.  Peep the tracklist below –

01. RP Boo – Heavy Heat
02. Jlin – Erotic Heat
03. DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz
04. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent
05. DJ Metro – Burn Dat Boi
06. DJ Clent – Ball’em Up
07. DJ MC – Y Fall
08. DJ Spinn – Crazy ‘n’ Deranged
09. Traxman – Funky Block
10. DJ Rome – Showtime
11. DJ T-Why – Finished
12. Tha Pope – When You
13. Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul
14. Jlin – Asylum
15. DJ T-Why – Orbits
16. DJ Roc – Get Buck Juice
17. Traxman – Brainwash
18. DJ Clent – DJ Clent #1
19. DJ Metro – Smak My Bitch Up
20. Young Smoke – Space Muzik Pt.3
21. DJ T-Why – Juice
22. DJ Solo – What Have You Done
23. Young Smoke – Psycho War
24. Young Smoke – Wouldn’t Get Far
25. DJ Metro – Tekno Bangz
26. RP Boo – Off Da Hook


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