It’s Alright

I’m Alright

WITH FANBOY SETTINGS reaching near Comicon levels, jazner found a brief moment to get a grip and bring you the first inkling into Sepalcure’s upcoming self-titled full length via a non-album B-side cut that’s nothing less than beautiful.

“I’m Alright” backs “Pencil Pimp” on the duo’s upcoming single, prepping the Nov. 21 release of the LP on Hotflush.

The track quickly slinks into intimate mode, a melody of satin tones and soothing rhythms undulating at every turn, locking into a pocket perfect for the slow grind.

Midway through, “I’m Alright” transforms, unleashing a sultry beat threaded with ghostly vocals and an impassioned synth melody brimming with soul and embracing movement.

What makes Sepalcure such a special duo is not (only) the fact it pairs Machinedrum, one of the all-time favorites at jazner, with Braille, who’s Braille EP, also on Hotflush, is one of 2011’s most underrated releases of the year.

It’s the fact that Braille and Machinedrum are able to collaborate and produce a cohesive sound that embodies the strengths and unique musical angles each producer identifies with.

Traces of Machinedrum rhythms and Braille house melodies are rampant in the Sepalcure catalog, but neither one overshadows the other.  The two work as a unit, influencing one another, and producing electronic music that’s next next level.

Geekin out hard on this one, you can expect to find Sepalcure right here once it drops.


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