More Than Me EP

SOMBER AUTUMN GLOOM tunes creeping through the airwaves, an air space electrified with thunderstorms and rumbles generated today by London youngin Eliphino, who’s prepping the Halloween release of his More Than Me EP, available on Somethinksounds.

Dark, overcast tones and fiery, volatile beats collide on More Than Me, the dreary wetness of a UK rainy day juxtaposed with the glistening sweatness of an all night dance rager.

The melancholy synth line, rolling drum track and halftime break down in “Devoted” makes it the EP standout, but the fervent tension and magnetic trance of “I Played” is a close second.  Take a ride on the stream above.

Definitely a treat, More Than Me will be a great addition to your Halloween playlist.


One Response to “Eliphino”

  1. […] D4NC3 2 this one, Eliphino’s follow-up single to the buck More Than Me EP, “Vrybody” b/w “Don’t Make Sense”, available on Somethinksounds […]

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