Broken Toy

Carving Away The Clay EP Sampler

A FUN SIZED tricked out treat tucked in the Halloween goodie bag today comes from fLako, a London via Chile producer whose Carving Away The Clay EP is set to hit the streets November 7th from Project Mooncircle.

fLako’s use of negative space, abnormal tones and sliding rhythms makes for a fresh ride through Carving Away The Clay.

“Broken Toy” mimics the first person suffering and pain of its subject title, with gurgles, harumphs and short-circuits interweaving to create a vacuum-tight groove that’s weird for all the right reasons.

The darling track of the EP is “Lonely Town”, which features the mysterious Dirg Gerner and hits right around the 3′ 39″ mark of the Soundcloud sampler above.  A late night, rainy, solemn downtown mood permeates throughout the track, the minimal textures in the beat juxtaposing the heavy sulk of a man suffering from solitude.  Be sure to listen to this one in full when it’s available.

Stay tuned for more…


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