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Name Droppin

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CLOSE YOUR EYES and let the music flow freely, soaking in the stimuli without quantifying the experience.

So the narrative goes for 1000names, a Bulgarian duo gearing up for their third release, Invisible Architect LP, set to drop December 9th on Project Mooncircle.

Channeling the cosmic energy swirling around live performances and late-night jam sessions, 1000names vented their unconscious collaborative juju for an ethereal, dreamy, urban beat on Invisible Architect.

Perception Of Color

As the crew puts it, “It’s a mystery where the music comes from and why it sounds the way it does. We look for the answer in the garden of the invisible architect – and try just to be…” jazner can dig.

High points include “Sushi Hour”, showcased in the LP trailer above, a warm and fizzy twinkling groove balanced by a tranquil, tantric beat. Other jammers are the summery “She Loves Purple Mornings”, the midnight electric “Born With Promise”, and the glitchy “Paper Trip”.

Light, vivid, and phantasmagorical, Invisible Architect is building up to be a chill winter release. Check the sampler below for a little more insight into the mystery of 1000names.


Maria Maria

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NEW SILK-Y THREADS woven by 100% Silk superstar Maria Minerva, who’s prepping her latest release, the Sacred & Profane Love EP, to hit the streets real real soon.

The teaser video features the track “Kyrie Eleison”, a psychedelic bath of shimmering synth waters and glowing, ghostly vocals transposed on a minimal tinplate beat thumping with enough energy to get you through a wormhole.

A Love So Strong

Other tracks, like the disco ballad “A Love So Strong”, above, showcase the softer, tender talents of Minerva, with a bumbling bass line, tremolo vox and spacey shooting star synths that leave radiant light trails across the night sky.

Stream the entire album over at Spin Magazine, including the Ital remix, “Luv So Strong”, or peep a previous post and grab the free download for “Gloria“. Stay tuned for more SILK.


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SXLND EP Preview

IT MAY BE a holiday, but that don’t mean a day off.

Just take a look at Machinedrum, whose debut LP collab with Praveen Sharma as Sepalcure is only a week old, the praise just starting to reach a critical mass, let alone the love his earlier Room(s) LP received, widely respected as one of this year’s best albums.

Amidst all the love and holiday hoopla, Mr. Stewart is getting right back at it, announcing an upcoming EP, SXLND, set to drop on Glasgow’s Lucky Me label sometime before the end of 2011.

From the early sounds of it, SXLND seems packed with spicy house heaters, none hotter than “No Respect”, which hits around the 2′ 40″ mark on the Soundcloud stream above.

The title track has popped up in past mixes as a white label release, most notably in Shortstuff’s Icee Hot offering, but it’s nice to see it finally get a proper pressing.

This will not be Machinedrum’s first pairing with Lucky Me. The two teamed up earlier this year for the Alarmaa EP, as well as in 2010 for the Many Faces EP, both fun records to take for a spin.

Stay tuned for more to come on SXLND.


A1 – Take Good Care


B1 – Van Vouge

B2 – No Respect

B3 – DDD

Ghettotek Graduates

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TO THE FOOTWORK fanboys and b-girls outside of Chicago, it can be confusing to hear juke lumped into the genre of house music.

Chicago has a long and storied tradition of producing, even originating, house music, but the claps, drum snaps, booming bass and rickety rhythms that define juke seem alien and unrelated to four-on-the-floor sounds of Frankie Knuckles, the Music Box, and the early days of electronic music.

At least at first listen.

Breaking it down in terms all us n00bs can understand, footwork godfathers DJs Rashad and Spinn explain the origins, trajectory, culture, scene, even where the term ‘juke’ comes from, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy lecture series.

From the early days of Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman” straight house, to its evolution into ghetto house, with a slight detour into Detroit techno, juke finally emerged out of need for people like Rashad, Spinn, Gant-man and others to fill the vacuum left after pioneering Chicago electronic label Dance Mania dissolved, providing the people with something new to dance to.

An extremely insightful and necessary history lesson, DJs Rashad and Spinn’s lecture is a must for those infatuated with juke like jazner, or those still weary and skeptical of its abrasive sound. Get learned, know your history, and compensate for your lack of dancing skills with the amount of knowledge you’ve amassed from this RBMA video.

Outta The Box

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Don’t Put Me In Your Box EP

IT WAS LOVE at first listen, just took a minute to discover one of the most exciting producers in the game today.

Maya Jane Coles, the young ‘Londonese’ responsible for instant dance-floor classics like “Humming Bird” and “What They Say“, is back with a new EP off Hypercolour, Don’t Put Me In Your Box, available now.

In a world where genres have long since become taboo, Maya Jane Coles has emerged as a true manipulator and innovator in the electronic music game. A blurrer, bleeder, blender and boundary breaker, Coles tip-toes the tech house / deep house line, and the results are burning bangers that cannot be confined to a box.

“Dub Child” sets off on an aqueous, syrupy trudge, with percolating tweeks and gurgles that pop in a panoramic soundscape that envelop your headphones, catching you between unease and breezy flows.

“Cutting It Fine” bumps with minimal maniacal tech house energy, a dark, lurching vibe enacting a comfortable nervousness with gritty drum snaps and bass throbs.

Check out the EP above, with the record’s strongest track “Parallel Worlds” starting it off, and stay tuned for future posts on Maya Jane Coles, jazner‘s new favorite producer.

Hive Buzz

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THE MAN WHO set 100% Silk in motion with his Ital’s Theme 12″, the label’s first ever release early this year, is taking his talents to Planet Mu and prepping a 5-track EP to be released February 2012.

Daniel Martin-McCormick, the producer better known under his off-kilter house alias Ital, is on deck to drop Hive Mind, pictured above, and so far it sounds packed with plenty of left-field singles. 

Preview Hive Mind at Planet Mu’s site.

From the thick intergalactic space house of “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)”, to the rattling tribal disco rhythms of “First Wave”, Hive Mind sounds primed to take dance-floors off the beaten path and into the weirdo wonderland that has become a staple of Ital’s sound.

Really looking forward to this one once it’s available.  Check back for a full review later this winter.

Love House

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See Me Feel Me

EXCITEMENT LEVELS ARE reaching near explosive territory, the  November 21st release date of Sepalcure’s self-titled full-length on Hotflush just around the corner, jazner can hardly restrain his inner fanboy from bursting out.

Keeping him at bay is a free download of the track “See Me Feel Me”, which you can stream above or grab for personal pleasure over at Fact.

“See Me Feel Me” aligns with the musical narrative Sepalcure has established over the last few years. Full of love, romance, and smooth sensual movement, it’s house hybrid music with enough dance thump to keep you grinding while still sultry enough to put the bedroom eyes on to.

As Braille (Praveen Sharma) mentions in his interview with Time Out NY, he and Machinedrum took it back to basics while recording the album, utilizing analog technology and laying down riffs with actual instruments.  You can hear this in “See Me Feel Me”, the piano chords and guitar phrases emerging from a real, tangible place, not flowing from a button on a box, which gives the track soul and emotion.

No doubt this one’s coming home on wax. Til then, “See Me Feel Me” will be on blast with repeat.