Acid Flashback

TAKE A DAB of the singeing 303 acid tab served up by Funkineven, who invites you to tune in, turn on, and wile out to the first release off his Apron imprint, the three track Apron EP.

Electric, volatile shock waves of radioactive blips and blurps sting throughout the Apron EP.

The anxious bubbling of “Beat Crash” foreshadows a nuclear meltdown of acid synths and warehouse booming drums, sending you on a flashback ride to early 90s UK rave culture.

Beat Crash (Radio Rip)


A burgeoning, aggressive synth track and brazen bass line hold control over “Fuck Off”, casting squeamish listeners aside with reckless abandon and a DGAF attitude.

Fuck Off (Snippet)

“Iron Cloud” takes the wicked schizo energy of Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam“, released earlier this year on Eglo, and tames it a bit, calming it down and smoothing it out, but still maintaining his signature acid sheen.

Iron Cloud (Snippet)

Act quickly if you wanna cop this one, only 500 vinyl copies pressed.


One Response to “Acid Flashback”

  1. […] ACID ACID ACID. FunkinEven has been atop the game for a minute, helping to champion the 303 with such classics as “Roland’s Jam” and “She’s Acid” as both a regular member of the Eglo family as well as starting his own imprint, Apron. […]

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