In The Shadow

HAVING LONG SINCE cemented his spot on the Best Of 2011 list as one of the most innovative producers hustling right now, Floating Points (Sam Shepherd) and the Eglo crew continue to make jazner geek out, dropping massive news today of an upcoming 5 track Shadow EP to be released November 21st.

Welcoming the news is a video premiere for “Sais”, which features an audio/visual technique developed by Shepherd and longtime friend/collaborator Will Hurt that was first unleashed at the Animal Collective curated ATP.

The video for “Sais”, an alternative take to the single-sided 10″ dub version that saw a limited record store day release and was featured on Four Tet’s Fabriclive 59 mix, uses drum machines, samplers and synthesizers controlled by a sequencer to create real-time, one of a kind visualizations for the music being played.

The track itself moves away from the grimy, bass driven thrust of the dub version, opting instead for silky Rhodes vibrations and soothing tones that recall Floating Points and Fatima’s collaborative Follow You EP.

Can’t wait til the 21st?  Neither can jazner.  Take a peek at the Shadow EP preview below.

Shadow EP Sampler


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