Git Buck

Young Smoke – Wouldn’t Get Far

DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz

Tha Pope – When You

THE WORLD MAY not be ready to fully embrace footwork, but that ain’t stopping it from storming in and staking out its role in the discourse of electronic music.

After the success of its first compilation, footwork’s biggest proponent Planet Mu decided to make jazner‘s dreams come true and follow up with Bangs & Works Vol. 2.

Maintaining the abrasive, ghetto, raw and buck wild vibe of Vol. 1, Vol. 2 dips into the softer side of gangsta.

The comp’s standout track comes from Boylan, whose “Bullet Proof Soul” ratchets Sade’s classic to footwork’s standard 160 BPM realm while keeping the soul and romance of the original.  Young Smoke’s “Wouldn’t Get Far” continues this melodic thread, balancing juke grit with pillowy R&B swoons that provide a comfortable introduction to those still weary of footwork’s freakiness.

Don’t get it twisted, though, Vol. 2 isn’t soft by any means – just dip into DJ Metro’s “Hit Da Bootz”, which scoffs at foreplay and romance altogether and cuts to the chase of what every brute wants to do.

Other tracks, like OG DJ Spinn’s “Crazy ‘n’ Deranged”, DJ Metro’s “Burn Dat Boi”, DJ T-Why’s “Orbits”, and Jlin’s “Asylum” have plenty of dark, creepy, Freddy Krueger-esque nightmarish vibes, keeping juke traditionalists from feeling gypped or abandoned.

A firm believer in the footwork movement, Vol. 2 builds on Vol. 1‘s firm foundation and will be rattling jazner‘s rear-view mirror and bedroom walls until it all can’t take the bass anymore.  Don’t be scurred, preview the record at Planet Mu’s site and join the crew.  You’re already late..


5 Responses to “Git Buck”

  1. Thanks for writing about this exciting Chicago sound.

    something worth noting, though – this is a release of footwork music, and listening to it, i dont think there is any juke on it at all (the rashad & gantman collab is probably the closest thing)

    juke music still adheres to the 4/4, straight beat of ghetto house . Juke is basically super-fast, grimey house music.

    footwork, on the other hand, drops the pretense of a straight beat, and replaces it with throbbing bass and skittering percussion – It is much more of a hallucinatory, abstract sound.

    a reasonable comparison is : juke is to footwork like drum & bass is to dubstep – clearly related, but really quite different vibes and goals…

    juke DANCING, on the other hand, can be found with both juke music and footwork music…

    • A more reasonable comparison would be: juke is to footwork like jungle is to drum n’ bass – there may be a difference, but identifying and qualifying it is another story.
      In an interview with DJ Rashad on Emma Warren’s blog, Rashad notes, “Juke is the music but footwork is the music and the dance”. Perhaps there’s more culturally attached to the term ‘footwork’?
      Really appreciate the response and will consider this for future posts.

  2. just saw your post mentioning the ‘juke’ in footwork. will have to read it now 🙂

  3. jj: excellent distinction between the style (ftwk) and the action (to juke). btw hit da bootz is dj earl!

  4. […] and Ghettoteknitian for life. You may remember Boylan from his contribution to Planet Mu’s Bangs & Works Vol. 2, the impeccable, sped up Sade sampled “Bullet Proof Soul” sticking out as one of the […]

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