Can Swam

Grand Scam (Lyrical Exercise) – Prod. by Machinedrum

BUBBLIN HARLEM BEAUTY Azealia Banks set the interwebs ablaze this week with a short but sweet flow touched by the production skillz of jazner‘s no secret bro-crush Machinedrum.

“Grand Scam”, although clocking in just under 2 minutes, is packed with lyrical fire and sizzling instrumentals.  A shoulder popping drum track cuts with diamond sharp snare hits, while glassy synth polishes the grime to make it shine with ghetto luster.

Banks’ flow calls out punks trying to front, the “prima donna punanas” with “little ban-dans” getting their hot ego air released and brought down to reality.

“Grand Scam” hopefully is the beginning of a project between Banks and Machinedrum, mirroring the success Mr. Stewart had with Jesse Boykins III on tracks like “B4 The Night Is Thru”.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


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