Eau de Disco

Malvoeaux Live @ Confused House

DISCO DIVE BAR debauchery and raunchy glitter attitude wail with foofy ferocity on Broken Anthem, the latest 100% Silk 12″ provided by Malvoeaux, the solo project of Innergaze frontman Jason Letkiewicz.

Broken Anthem takes you to the highest disco heights with cutty edits guaranteed to keep your dance party raging til the haggard hours of dawn.  Pulsing four-on-the-floor rhythms charge with choppy breaks and sassy swagger, carving deeper grooves on your wax due to repeated flips and constant revisits.

“Fatal Games”, the first track on the aptly titled Malvoeaux mix above, slows it down for a pastel skyline convertible ride with champagne bubbly poppin, easing you in to the head banging, hip swaying thump of the EP’s title track that follows next on the mix.

The A/V of “Sunsets” does the EP proper justice, with SILK’s trademark throwback aesthetic colliding head on with the dancy ecstasy of kids just wantin to have fun.

Peep Broken Antehm at the SILK site, where Malvoeaux also found time to sit down with Amanda and Britt for a mini interview.


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