Hive Buzz

THE MAN WHO set 100% Silk in motion with his Ital’s Theme 12″, the label’s first ever release early this year, is taking his talents to Planet Mu and prepping a 5-track EP to be released February 2012.

Daniel Martin-McCormick, the producer better known under his off-kilter house alias Ital, is on deck to drop Hive Mind, pictured above, and so far it sounds packed with plenty of left-field singles. 

Preview Hive Mind at Planet Mu’s site.

From the thick intergalactic space house of “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)”, to the rattling tribal disco rhythms of “First Wave”, Hive Mind sounds primed to take dance-floors off the beaten path and into the weirdo wonderland that has become a staple of Ital’s sound.

Really looking forward to this one once it’s available.  Check back for a full review later this winter.


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