Love House

See Me Feel Me

EXCITEMENT LEVELS ARE reaching near explosive territory, the  November 21st release date of Sepalcure’s self-titled full-length on Hotflush just around the corner, jazner can hardly restrain his inner fanboy from bursting out.

Keeping him at bay is a free download of the track “See Me Feel Me”, which you can stream above or grab for personal pleasure over at Fact.

“See Me Feel Me” aligns with the musical narrative Sepalcure has established over the last few years. Full of love, romance, and smooth sensual movement, it’s house hybrid music with enough dance thump to keep you grinding while still sultry enough to put the bedroom eyes on to.

As Braille (Praveen Sharma) mentions in his interview with Time Out NY, he and Machinedrum took it back to basics while recording the album, utilizing analog technology and laying down riffs with actual instruments.  You can hear this in “See Me Feel Me”, the piano chords and guitar phrases emerging from a real, tangible place, not flowing from a button on a box, which gives the track soul and emotion.

No doubt this one’s coming home on wax. Til then, “See Me Feel Me” will be on blast with repeat.


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