Outta The Box

Don’t Put Me In Your Box EP

IT WAS LOVE at first listen, just took a minute to discover one of the most exciting producers in the game today.

Maya Jane Coles, the young ‘Londonese’ responsible for instant dance-floor classics like “Humming Bird” and “What They Say“, is back with a new EP off Hypercolour, Don’t Put Me In Your Box, available now.

In a world where genres have long since become taboo, Maya Jane Coles has emerged as a true manipulator and innovator in the electronic music game. A blurrer, bleeder, blender and boundary breaker, Coles tip-toes the tech house / deep house line, and the results are burning bangers that cannot be confined to a box.

“Dub Child” sets off on an aqueous, syrupy trudge, with percolating tweeks and gurgles that pop in a panoramic soundscape that envelop your headphones, catching you between unease and breezy flows.

“Cutting It Fine” bumps with minimal maniacal tech house energy, a dark, lurching vibe enacting a comfortable nervousness with gritty drum snaps and bass throbs.

Check out the EP above, with the record’s strongest track “Parallel Worlds” starting it off, and stay tuned for future posts on Maya Jane Coles, jazner‘s new favorite producer.


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