Maria Maria

NEW SILK-Y THREADS woven by 100% Silk superstar Maria Minerva, who’s prepping her latest release, the Sacred & Profane Love EP, to hit the streets real real soon.

The teaser video features the track “Kyrie Eleison”, a psychedelic bath of shimmering synth waters and glowing, ghostly vocals transposed on a minimal tinplate beat thumping with enough energy to get you through a wormhole.

A Love So Strong

Other tracks, like the disco ballad “A Love So Strong”, above, showcase the softer, tender talents of Minerva, with a bumbling bass line, tremolo vox and spacey shooting star synths that leave radiant light trails across the night sky.

Stream the entire album over at Spin Magazine, including the Ital remix, “Luv So Strong”, or peep a previous post and grab the free download for “Gloria“. Stay tuned for more SILK.


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