Agree To Disagree


CAN’T GET ENOUGH of these two jams.

Like a virus, Hackman has hacked into the stereo, overrunning the system and taking no mercy with his “Agree To Disagree” b/w “Sunburst” 12″ on PTN Recordings.

An ominous brightness, with shades of glassy and tropical vibes juxtapose with lite UK Funky and house flavors on “Agree To Disagree”, a track that’ll get played again again & again. The vocals take it to the next level, wrenching affection from deep within and splaying it out for all the world to revel in.

“Sunburst” follows suit, island tones stringing you along and drenching bodies with warm splashes of rhythms and tones that make it feel like there’s sand beneath those dancing feet, waves crashing in the foreground, coconut water replenishing all those electrolytes lost in beads of sweat.

Get irie with these Hackman tunes and stay posted for more to come in 2012..


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