McPhee Blues

I Will

NOW THAT THE hollidaze are through, it’s time to get back to biz over here at jazner.

Today brings us a smooth, dark, and melancholy EP from Toronto’s Kevin McPhee, Blue Organ, off Hype_Ltd, sublabel of the super bubblin Hypercolour imprint.

“I Will” starts off veiled and viscous, the beat like a lugubrious trudge through forest thickets with a fleeting light of alternating male and female vocals piercing past the foliage and pulling you through the tough slog.

Your Side

“Your Side” shows some grit while keeping things mellow, the juxtaposition of a ratcheting hi-hat with ethereal synth swooshes and ambient vocals creating a ghostly, chilled-out introspective vibe with some head bobbing sprinkled on top.

“Blue Organ” plays with the emotions, stringing you along for a prolonged drop that may be too slow for dance-floors but is perfect for some home cookin.

Looking forward to what Hypercolour and Hype Ltd. bring in 2012. Til then, stayed locked in!


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