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Upcomin Funk

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(via Yours Truly)


IN NEED OF a strong dose of Modern Funk libations, Dâm-Funk has come through yet again.

As jazner aches on the sofa, cheeks puffed up and chipmunked out, bottle of Vicodin in one hand, icepack in the other after getting his wisdom teeth out, Dâm-Funk shares some new tracks that ease all suffering.

The Ambassador of Modern Funk is on a self-imposed social media hiatus, giving his Twitter account and internet avatars a break as he diligently works on his second full-length, to be released some time in June on Stones Throw.

“Fadin'”, according to Dâm’s Soundcloud page, will be a B-side cut on the upcoming 12″ single to be released in the near future before the LP drops.

The video, filmed in San Francisco for Yours Truly, is bittersweet. “Songs From Scratch” was composed on the spot, Dâm-Funk and Master Blazter showcasing their talents through the bottomless well of creativity and imagination they dip into when creating music together.

But the video is perhaps one of the final glimpses we have of drummer Jovan “J-1” Coleman, who passed away much too soon after a tragic accident in late November that has left family, friends and fans deeply saddened and scarred.

The world and the Modern Funk Movement will never be the same after the loss of J-1, but his spirit lives on through the music, and there is no doubt that Dâm’s upcoming LP will be a testament to the strength, wisdom and creativity J-1 imparted on him and the world.

Stay tuned for more new music from Dâm-Funk as Spring approaches.



Just Like That

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Addison Groove Jukebox Mix

THIS ONE IS straight bonkers.

Addison Groove has done it again, dropping a bombastic 808 drenched free download footwork mix for Surefire that features cuts from Chicago and beyond.

Cameos include Addison Groove’s own “Sexual”, the Coolio Dangerous Minds theme track, and our boy Boylan’s cut from Bangs & Works Vol. 2, “Bullet Proof Soul”.

The mix merely whets the appetite for Addison Groove’s debut full-length, Transistor Rhythm, which drops in March on 50 Weapons and will no doubt be blazing.


Welsh Air

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WHETHER UNDER THE guise of Hypercolour, Hype_Ltd, or Losing Suki, one thing is for certain: these guys do house music right, pushing the limits and harnessing progression while maintaining classic tropes that never grow stale.

Enter James Welsh, whose latest release, the Air Valley EP available on Losing Suki, mixes old-school heat with new school foof for a four-track collection of undeniable house bangers.

“You” is the hands down favorite, the belting female vocalist making her desire very clear, backed by a saucy groove that’s got late night dance party written all over it.

“Nastro Azzuro” is a toned down, sensual tune perfect for the bedroom and those nighttime eyes, a slow jam for the after party mash.

Stream the whole EP above, and stay tuned for more goodies coming from the Hype-family trifecta.

Like Spinning Plates

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JUST CAUGHT WIND of the latest in a series of compilations curated by dubstep pioneer Pinch for his label Tectonic.

Tectonic Plates Volume 3 is waiting in the wings, gearing up for a release date of March 19th and featuring a slew of heavy hitters, the likes of Addison Groove, Roska, 2562, Kryptic Minds and label maestro Pinch himself contributing original cuts that will keep these plates spinning on your decks for sometime.

The first peek comes from jazner favorite Kevin McPhee, whose “Outs” is available for stream above via Boiler Room. Primal, macabre and guttural, “Outs” seems a good omen of things to come March 19th.

Peep the full tracklist below.

1. Kryptic Minds – ‘The Talisman’
2. Addison Groove – ‘Phantom’
3. Tunnidge – ‘Universal’
4. Pinch – ‘Blow Out The Candle’
5. Goth Trad – ‘Mach’
6. Clue Kid – ‘Evolution’
7. Roska – ‘480 BC’
8. Monky – ‘Float’
9. Ginz – ‘Chrome’
10. OM Unit – ‘Preshah’
11. Kevin McPhee – ‘Outs’
12. Illum Sphere – ‘Promise A Secret’
13. 2562 – ‘Rogue State’


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Inspector Norse

EXTRATERRESTRIAL DANCE PARTY circa 1980 brewing in the turbid regions of the galaxy, where the only lights peeking through the astral plane comes from the cheeky flickerings of LA Gears and knock-off lightsabers struggling on low battery life.

The maestro could only be Todd Terje, who recently released It’s The Arps EP on his Olsen imrpint, composed entirely from an Arp 2600 synth.

Fusing bewitching kitsch and vintage dance-floor hits, It’s The Arps bangs like a hoopty UFO gushing disco anthems and yesterday’s dreams of Tomorrowland.

“Inspector Norse” is easily the EP’s standout and is available for stream above. Bumbling bass, cosmic wooshes, robotic rumbles and an undeniable disco thrust propel “Inspector Norse” to the forefront of the space party.

It’s time for the Terjelator.

Super Juker

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ANTICIPATION IS PEAKING as the world awaits the arrival of Addison Groove’s debut LP, Transistor Rhythm (cover pictured above), set to roil massive bass waves March 30th when it drops on Modeselektor’s 50Weapons imprint.

“Sooperlooper” gives us the first taste of what’s to come, a small yet orotund snippet mixing tribal and 808 drum patterns with agitating synth and wicked resonance.

After the trailblazing “Footcrab” dropped on Swamp81, expectations are high for Addison Groove’s upcoming LP, but no one is lacking in confidence that Transistor Rhythm will be one of 2012’s biggest and best releases. Stay tuned for more audio as March 30th approaches.

Browse Away

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PICK UP YR mouse and come browse the first 12″ of 2012 from 100% Silk, served up by Oakland’s Andre Ferreira aka Bobby Browser, entitled Just Browsing.

Take a chill pill and groove to the mellow house vibes of “Smooth Cruise”, an A-side cut packed with space cadet synths fluttering in the night sky like the lights of an aurora borealis. Peep the teaser video above or dive into the full version stream below.

Smooth Cruise

Flip the record over for the sensual bedroom slow jam “No Appointments”, featuring vocals from San Francisco’s Group Rhoda.

No Appointments ft. Group Rhoda

Bobby Browser’s record release party is cracking this Friday the 13th (beware!) in LA @ Little Temple, with appearances from Ital, Pharaohs, and the whole 100% Silk family. Find out more here.


Amanda Brown just dropped a FACT mix, featuring upcoming silkie SFV Acid and more. Take a dip in the stream.