Floridian Void

(via Mixmag)

THIS TIME LAST year, Daniel Martin-McCormick first slunk into his Ital guise and led Amanda and Britt Brown’s 100% Silk label out of the gates with its first ever release, the illusory 12″ Ital’s Theme.

Fast-forward to 2012, and we find Ital prepping his most extensive work to date, Hive Mind, set to drop on Planet Mu mid-February.

“Floridian Void” is the first full cut available to our ears, although you can sample the whole album at Planet Mu’s website.

True to form, Ital remains formless – “Floridian Void” is hardly house, maybe minimally techno, but completely heady, intoxicating, and stupefyingly stuporous, aka what we’ve grown to love from Mr. Martin-McCormick.

If that ain’t enough for ya, check out this video of Ital raging at Sarah Lawrence to “Only For Tonight”, and for all the LA Silkies out there in the internets, come out and see Ital, Pharaohs, and the rest of the gang @ the SILK party January 13th. c u therrr @___@


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