IT’S NO SECRET Hypercolour has released some of jazner‘s favorite tunes recently, with Maya Jane Coles and Kevin McPhee on the squad producing records that reach well beyond the “generic bongo mannheim house” the label gently pokes fun at on its Soundcloud page.

The latest on the scene is Croatia’s Homeboy (née Marko Pelaic), who just released a video for the track “You Make Me Go Crazy”, directed by Ivan Slipcevic, forthcoming on his Halfway EP on the UK label, which you can preview in the stream below.

Halfway EP Sample

Channeling the vibes of early ’90s house music, Homeboy shouts out to the old school with underlying Chicago and Detroit aesthetics and late night renegade energy. Like the video and his name suggests, Homeboy’s music is for the homies and evokes a friendly atmosphere that’s tilted toward the collective sharing of great times with great people.

Not to be forgotten is the garage-y Youandewan remix of “Halfway”, also available on the EP with a snippet ready for your ears below.

Expect Halfway to drop in the coming weeks and plenty more from Hypercolour to come in 2012.


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