Browse Away

PICK UP YR mouse and come browse the first 12″ of 2012 from 100% Silk, served up by Oakland’s Andre Ferreira aka Bobby Browser, entitled Just Browsing.

Take a chill pill and groove to the mellow house vibes of “Smooth Cruise”, an A-side cut packed with space cadet synths fluttering in the night sky like the lights of an aurora borealis. Peep the teaser video above or dive into the full version stream below.

Smooth Cruise

Flip the record over for the sensual bedroom slow jam “No Appointments”, featuring vocals from San Francisco’s Group Rhoda.

No Appointments ft. Group Rhoda

Bobby Browser’s record release party is cracking this Friday the 13th (beware!) in LA @ Little Temple, with appearances from Ital, Pharaohs, and the whole 100% Silk family. Find out more here.


Amanda Brown just dropped a FACT mix, featuring upcoming silkie SFV Acid and more. Take a dip in the stream.


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