Inspector Norse

EXTRATERRESTRIAL DANCE PARTY circa 1980 brewing in the turbid regions of the galaxy, where the only lights peeking through the astral plane comes from the cheeky flickerings of LA Gears and knock-off lightsabers struggling on low battery life.

The maestro could only be Todd Terje, who recently released It’s The Arps EP on his Olsen imrpint, composed entirely from an Arp 2600 synth.

Fusing bewitching kitsch and vintage dance-floor hits, It’s The Arps bangs like a hoopty UFO gushing disco anthems and yesterday’s dreams of Tomorrowland.

“Inspector Norse” is easily the EP’s standout and is available for stream above. Bumbling bass, cosmic wooshes, robotic rumbles and an undeniable disco thrust propel “Inspector Norse” to the forefront of the space party.

It’s time for the Terjelator.


One Response to “Terjelator”

  1. […] from the Terjelator aka Todd Terje, for “Inspector Norse”, the first track off the It’s The Arps EP on Smalltown […]

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