Like Spinning Plates

JUST CAUGHT WIND of the latest in a series of compilations curated by dubstep pioneer Pinch for his label Tectonic.

Tectonic Plates Volume 3 is waiting in the wings, gearing up for a release date of March 19th and featuring a slew of heavy hitters, the likes of Addison Groove, Roska, 2562, Kryptic Minds and label maestro Pinch himself contributing original cuts that will keep these plates spinning on your decks for sometime.

The first peek comes from jazner favorite Kevin McPhee, whose “Outs” is available for stream above via Boiler Room. Primal, macabre and guttural, “Outs” seems a good omen of things to come March 19th.

Peep the full tracklist below.

1. Kryptic Minds – ‘The Talisman’
2. Addison Groove – ‘Phantom’
3. Tunnidge – ‘Universal’
4. Pinch – ‘Blow Out The Candle’
5. Goth Trad – ‘Mach’
6. Clue Kid – ‘Evolution’
7. Roska – ‘480 BC’
8. Monky – ‘Float’
9. Ginz – ‘Chrome’
10. OM Unit – ‘Preshah’
11. Kevin McPhee – ‘Outs’
12. Illum Sphere – ‘Promise A Secret’
13. 2562 – ‘Rogue State’


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