Upcomin Funk

(via Yours Truly)


IN NEED OF a strong dose of Modern Funk libations, Dâm-Funk has come through yet again.

As jazner aches on the sofa, cheeks puffed up and chipmunked out, bottle of Vicodin in one hand, icepack in the other after getting his wisdom teeth out, Dâm-Funk shares some new tracks that ease all suffering.

The Ambassador of Modern Funk is on a self-imposed social media hiatus, giving his Twitter account and internet avatars a break as he diligently works on his second full-length, to be released some time in June on Stones Throw.

“Fadin'”, according to Dâm’s Soundcloud page, will be a B-side cut on the upcoming 12″ single to be released in the near future before the LP drops.

The video, filmed in San Francisco for Yours Truly, is bittersweet. “Songs From Scratch” was composed on the spot, Dâm-Funk and Master Blazter showcasing their talents through the bottomless well of creativity and imagination they dip into when creating music together.

But the video is perhaps one of the final glimpses we have of drummer Jovan “J-1” Coleman, who passed away much too soon after a tragic accident in late November that has left family, friends and fans deeply saddened and scarred.

The world and the Modern Funk Movement will never be the same after the loss of J-1, but his spirit lives on through the music, and there is no doubt that Dâm’s upcoming LP will be a testament to the strength, wisdom and creativity J-1 imparted on him and the world.

Stay tuned for more new music from Dâm-Funk as Spring approaches.



One Response to “Upcomin Funk”

  1. cheer up jaz. your doin’ it.right on.so glad your last post wasn’t six months stale.ok i gotta check this funky jam out.keep in touch. thanks for the link.hows friends with friends goin’/

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