A YEAR LATER, and jazner‘s still reeling from Death Grips, the Sacramento-based razor-wire wrecking ball trio of Zach Hill, MC Ride and Flatlander that leave you on your knees simultaneously begging for mercy and an encore.

The best show he’s ever seen at Low End Theory was Death Grips, trumping the days when the outdoor stage with still bumping. It was as if the wall of sound had come crashing down, concrete, sweat and dirt flying in your face at the speed of sound, leaving you petrified in a state of disarray and wonderment.

Following up on their must-have mixtape, Exmilitary, Death Grips is back with a new video that doesn’t bear a name as of now entitled “Black Jack”, definitely packs a punch.

Stay on the lookout for more to come. IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES.


One Response to “IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES”

  1. […] FEW WEEKS ago, a new Death Grips track filtered in through the interwebz, sparking excitement that the Sacramento trio responsible for one […]

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