Doesn’t Matter

PLANET MU DEBUT queued up by 100% Silk centerpiece Ital, whose Hive Mind drops February 13th.

Andrew Ryce recently caught up with Daniel Martin-McCormick for a Pitchfork Rising piece, bringing up the issue he faces from certain spheres of the electronic music community of a reluctance to accept his work as Ital into the general discourse of dance music.

Martin-McCormick’s response was twofold – “It’s not important. It’s important to make sick music, and fuck everything else”, backing that with a premiere of the first track off Hive Mind, “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)”.

Sampling heavily from Lady Gaga, “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)” balances space age synth beams and a thumping bass line over Gaga’s splattering vocals, a space occupying somewhere between dance-floor and tripped out headphone zone. Definitely a premiere track on the album, rivaling the super addictive “First Wave”.

Hop over to the Planet Mu site to grab your copy of Hive Mind.


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