IT’S VALENTINES DAY, and while jazner normally fancies himself a brunette man, he cannot deny his affinity to Blondes and their self-titled debut LP on RVNG Intl.

Opting to guide you on a synthy-smooth groove cruise than a lugubrious low-end tangle, Blondes is full of sonic space and nuanced emotion, which is easy to overlook if you’re not giving it proper attention, as jazner was guilty of the first time he listened to the record.

There are no club bangers, no dance-floor resuscitators. But there are plenty of vivid soundscapes, passionate progressions, and subtle forces that makes Blondes an album worth diving into head first.

“Pleasure” gets singled out as the personal favorite, a track that continually buds and blossoms with hammer dulcimer-type synth and a subliminal, churning rhythm that makes for a nocturnal aesthetic you’ll want to keep on repeat. “Lover” and “Business” are also worth giving multiple listens to.

The album also comes with a 2nd disc of remixes, the likes of Andy Stott, Laurel Halo, SFV Acid and Teengirl Fantasy giving their spin on Blondes’ original cuts.

Don’t be fooled by the subtleties of Blondes. Put your headphones on and let go.


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