Stream Pretty Ugly In Its Entirety at Hype Machine

A SUCKER FOR funky time signatures, Pretty Ugly, the debut full-length by DVA on Hyperdub, leaves jazner scratching his head.

Wobbling like a spinning plate, Pretty Ugly teeters on the verge of lost control, coaxing the listener to break out of the 4/4 electronic spell with rhythms that ebb and flow in chaotic comfort.

Case in point: “Madness feat. Victor Duplaix”, whose title says it all, a soulful electronic ode set to a 9/8 time signature that had jazner so confused he needed to elicit the help of outside sources. Check the video below

Other highlights include “Firefly feat. Zaki Ibrahim”, “Why U Do feat. AL”, “The Big 5ive”, and “Just Vybe”, a track some might remember from Kode9’s DJ-Kicks which features the ever loved Eglo darling Fatima.

Stream Pretty Ugly in full at Hype Machine.


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