Radio Daze

THE RADIO IS a forgotten treasure in our 21st Century society of instant, on demand entertainment at the hands of the internet, YouTube, torrents, et al., not to mention iPod-adaptable car stereos, CD players, and every other outlet to distract you from turning the dial.

But driving home on a Tuesday night at 2:30 am, KCRW DJ Travis Holcombe introduced jazner to Metronomy’s The English Riviera (Unreleased Remixes) Collection from Big Beat Records via Benoit & Sergio’s rework of “Corinne”, and suddenly the radio didn’t seem so obsolete anymore.

Say what you will of remix projects, but this one is fun because of the complete transformations. These aren’t producers remixing other producers. These are house staples putting a dance-floor spin on a great indie record.

Benoit & Sergio’s remix is definitely a big draw, but Soul Clap’s Shake A Leg mix of “Loving Arm” is crucial to harnessing your inner foof, and Two Inch Punch’s Shook Shook Remix of “The Look” fits right into the mellow West Coast electronic aesthetic.

Take a dip in the Soundcloud stream above, and remember to give your radio a little love once in a while.


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