Monday Grind

Jamie Grind – “We Still Play 140”

(via Boiler Room)

TIME TO SHAKE from the weekend daze and dive head first into the Monday grind, and who better to facilitate the tranisition than Leeds born producer Jamie Grind, who just released a split with Kingthing, Infra12005, on Infrasonics.

“We Still Play 140” provides a necessary upbeat jolt, an electrifying bass line shaking your eardrums from their doldrums while the drum beat and crisp hi-hat snaps are likely to put a swinging kick to to your step.

The whole EP is stellar, and you can stream snippets below. Grind’s other track, “For You”, maintains the same tempo, with a velvety smooth synth line and pitched up r n’ b vocal yowl setting the table for multiple revisits. Kingthing’s contributions are just as memorable, the slogging 808 funk of “Waking Up” and body moving “Cold Diss” rounding out this Infrasonic release right.

Git yr week started right, grab yr copy here.


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