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Disclosure Fact Mix

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FACT Mix 327: Disclosure

(via FACT)

YOU KNEW IT was coming, the crew on the rise in 2012 coming together to bring you the latest installment of FACT mixes.

Disclosure, the brotherly South London duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence, already responsible for a mental Jessie Ware remix and upcoming EP on Greco-Roman, as well as previous beauties “Tenderly” and “Carnival“, fuse their love for bass and house music on this mix that deserves multiple rinses.

It’s no coincidence that the mix peaks with Jordan Peak’s “Don’t It Feel Good”, which follows Disclosure’s “Flow”, but don’t stop there. There are some other exclusive goodies, namely Eats Everything’s remix of Ting Tings “Hit Me Down Sunny”, as well as the currently unreleased “My Intention Is War (Fig II)” from the boys and lots of other highlights.

And as Praveen Sharma of Braille and Sepalcure is wont to remind you, Percussion Lab was well ahead of the curve, hosting the boys for a mix back in March you can stream over at their site.

Peep the tracklist and get at this mix again and again.

Medlar – Terrel (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle)
Paleman – Hunt
Leon Vynehall – Homage
Kerri Chandler – The Invoice
Audiojack – Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
Disclosure – Flow
Jordan Peak – Don’t It Feel Good
Dusky – Flo Jam
Disclosure – Untitled
San Soda – Kaizen (Payme Edit)
Disclosure – My Intention Is War (Fig II)
Ting Tings – Hit Me Down Sonny (Eats Everything Reting)
Thefft – Jungle Out There
Jessie Ware- Running (Disclosure Remix)
Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)


Take Me

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Wherever, Boy

NEW TRACK FLOATING in from the 100% Silk / Not Not Fun crew. LA Vampires, who in the past collaborated with Zola Jesus, Ital, and Matrix Metals, teams up with fellow Silk-r Octo Octa this time around, revealing the first cut, “Wherever, Boy”, off their upcoming 12″, due May-ish on 100% Silk.

LA Vampires, like Maria Minerva in some respects, falls in a gray area between the dancy Silk aesthetic and drone zone of NNF. “Wherever, Boy” starts off with a classic house progression, something you might’ve heard at The Warehouse in Chicago back in the day. The track quickly swirls into a blizzard of synths and Amanda Brown’s vampish vocals, a colorful soundscape of club confusion and allusion.

For the LA friends, be sure to catch Octo Octa (live LA debut!), along with Magic Touch, LA Vampires, Bobby Browser, and Silk newbie Roche May 19th in Silverlake.

In The Trax

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I Need Some Money

Itz Crack

CORNELIUS FERGUSON IS no stranger to the Chicago footwork tradition. A veteran who’s been through footwork’s various incarnations, from juke and ghetto house to its current frenetic and frazzled state, Ferguson has been making ankle breaking beats as Traxman for a good 15+ years.

It’s no wonder then that Planet Mu would want to get inside his head and see life from his perspective, leading to Traxman’s latest LP, Da Mind Of Traxman, which dropped earlier this month. From weird and schizo to smooth funk, soul and jazz aethetics, Da Mind Of Traxman illuminates footwork in all its various shades and colors.

Two tracks to peep are “I Need Some Money” and “Itz Crack”, streaming above. “I Need Some Money” keeps you locked with 70s harmonious vibes, while “Itz Crack” sprinkles a lil jazz horns and upright bass on footwork rhythms.

Traxman also contributed to this week’s FACT mix, stream / download it below. Hop over to the Planet Mu site to hear some hearty chunks of Da Mind Of Traxman.

FACT Mix 326


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YA 006

SLIGHTLY SLOPPY SESSION from Lazy Brow and Deep Body of the Young Adults crew, dropping this new mix with a little swerve and a lot of foof to get those body vibrations going this fine weekend.

The YA kids ain’t afraid to take you there, sprinkling in some Maya Jane Coles, KRL, Love Unlimited Vibes and many other goodies.

Stream or download the mix above, and keep it locked with the foof.

Grime Time

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LET’S GET GRIMY today with this new cut from StayFresh, “I Hear Ya Don”, off the StayFresh EP available April 29th.

It’s Friday, it’s 420, throw caution to the wind and get that grime face going with some dirty UK rhymes tahday. Crunchy flows courtesy of Don Menna, J1, Saf-1, Macca, Movez, Raider and Pressure, with beats from Preditah, you know jazner is gettin buck.



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TAKE A LISTEN to the latest remix project from Polydor artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or TEED for short, who’s “Tapes & Money” gets reworked by a stellar cast of artists reigning in the house and bass worlds.

John Talabot, responsible for one of this year’s best albums in ƒin on Permanent Vacation, puts a dark, swooning and tantric spin on his “Tapes & Money Ritual Reconstruction”, with trilling synth inlays and thundering bass rumbles.

Eats Everything, who currently rules jazner‘s stereo with tracks like “Heard That”, drops a fizzy, trademarked bass heavy rework worth taking a dive into.

Casino Times takes the slowburner approach with a smooth late night grower remix, while MJ Cole speeds things up with a frenetic club thumper.

Give all the remixes a spin and keep your ears open to future TEED releases.

Secret’s Out

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ALREADY RESPONSIBLE FOR one of 2012’s biggest tracks in “Let It Go” on Hypercolour, Huxley is back with a new EP on 2020Vision, Out Of The Box.

Coming in at 3 tracks, Out Of The Box takes us through various incarnations of house music – from the depths of darkened disquietude to the airy heights of atmospheric delight.

A hard hitting deep house behemoth, “Atonement” will leave you on your knees asking for forgiveness. “Box Clever” and “Out Of My Mind” flip the script, coming in on colorful highs carried by female vocal snippets and summery poolside vibes.

Check out the latest from Huxley, and stay tuned for more goodies.