The Man Behind The Myth

Curtains Don’t Talk

(via Mixmag)

IF THERE WAS an electronic music hall of fame, Daedelus would be a first ballot inductee.

Alfred Darlington has trumpeted the electronic movement from the moment he started making music, a humble human being who has selflessly carried emerging producers and labels on his back and shared the shine to help kick-start careers.

Yesterday Mixmag premiered “Curtains Don’t Talk”, a track that illuminates both the classic quirks of the monome magician and the innovative drive that has set Daedelus apart from most of his contemporaries.

Melodic glitches, serene, scattering multilayered coos and enveloping vocals make “Curtains Don’t Talk” an addictive jam that showcases Daedelus at his finest. A little sprinkle of Janet Jackson and Beach Boys can’t hurt, either.

Download and take a listen again and again and again. A great track for a sunny day.


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