Stream Maya Jane Coles’ DJ-Kicks

(via Resident Advisor)

SO HAPPY THIS finally sees the light of day. Been sitting on this one for a very long minute, and now Maya Jane Cole’s top notch DJ-Kicks on !k7 Records is ready to be munched on. Dig into the exclusive full album stream presented by Resident Advisor, and be prepared to find it in your record shoppe April 17th.

It’s a good thing CDs don’t wear out from multiple play, since jazner has put a major beating on a promo copy of this DJ-Kicks, playing it just about all day everyday from start to finish.

Coles is on point throughout the mix, starting it off easy yet smoothly transitioning to deep body music. A major highlight, and easily jazner‘s favorite parts due to how hard it hits, comes with Chasing Kurt’s “Money” and Bozzwell’s “In My Cocoon (Original Mix)”. Not only does Coles mix these two tracks seamlessly, but it sheds lights onto her insight of house music and understanding of its history, showcasing two tracks most people would of overlooked or had no idea even existed.

There are highlights all over the place, though. Milscot feat. Angel Sheik’s “All Alone (Domyan Just Slow Remix)”, Gerry Read’s “Roomland (Youandewan Remix)”, the Virgo Four “It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix)”, and don’t forget the two MJC exclusives – “Not Listening” and “Meant To Be”, which comes under the Nocturnal Sunshine alias Coles sports on more dubby tracks.

Point is, this is a beyond comprehensive mix, and one that bangs all the way home. Git on it, and don’t sleep on Maya Jane Coles’ limited US tour dates, see below. You KNOW jazner gonna be at that SF date, so holler if you wanna ride.

24/05/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Monarch
25/05/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Morgan
26/05/12 – Detroit, MI @ Verboten Presents
27/05/12 – Detroit, MI @ Detroit Movement Fest


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  1. Shotgun! gas, grass or ass. We’ll provide whichever, lets just get there!

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