In The Trax

I Need Some Money

Itz Crack

CORNELIUS FERGUSON IS no stranger to the Chicago footwork tradition. A veteran who’s been through footwork’s various incarnations, from juke and ghetto house to its current frenetic and frazzled state, Ferguson has been making ankle breaking beats as Traxman for a good 15+ years.

It’s no wonder then that Planet Mu would want to get inside his head and see life from his perspective, leading to Traxman’s latest LP, Da Mind Of Traxman, which dropped earlier this month. From weird and schizo to smooth funk, soul and jazz aethetics, Da Mind Of Traxman illuminates footwork in all its various shades and colors.

Two tracks to peep are “I Need Some Money” and “Itz Crack”, streaming above. “I Need Some Money” keeps you locked with 70s harmonious vibes, while “Itz Crack” sprinkles a lil jazz horns and upright bass on footwork rhythms.

Traxman also contributed to this week’s FACT mix, stream / download it below. Hop over to the Planet Mu site to hear some hearty chunks of Da Mind Of Traxman.

FACT Mix 326


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