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Take Control

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Disclosure – Control ft. Ria Ritchie

OMG NOT ANOTHER Disclosure track.

The boys are back this time with “Control”, featuring vocals from Ria Ritchie, the third track they’ve, um… ‘disclosed’ from their forthcoming The Face EP due out June 4 on Greco-Roman.



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Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ryce

Omar S Presents Aaron “Fit” Siegel ft. L’Renee – “Tonite (Detroit Mix)”

DETROIT STILL COURSING through the veins, jazner cannot escape the sounds of FXHE.

Saturday night at Movement / DEMF was spent at Beretta’s Ten Years of Techno after party, where Omar S debuted his live set for the first time. A live bassist and amazing female vocalist (pictured above) accompanied the analog drum machine sequencing of Omar S.

The highlight of the night was when the trio performed “Tonite”, the inescapable tune by Aaron “Fit” Siegel released on Omar S’ FXHE label in February. To say the vocalist commanded the room would be a gross understatement – homegurl stole everyone’s breath away, while the bassist anchored the crew down.

Just one of many special Motown moments.

Secret Stash, Vol. 2

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San Soda – “Kaizen”

THE SECOND INSTALLMENT in a new series at the jazner blog focused on choice DJ cuts guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving comes from San Soda, “Kaizen”, out in 2009 as part of the split Blue EP with Raoul Lambert off We Play House Recordings.

This track has the Mike Huckaby seal of approval, and for anyone that follows the history of Detroit house & techno, you know what kindof weight that holds. jazner recently returned from Detroit for Movement / DEMF, where Huckaby played an all vinyl set that ranked up there as one of the best, and once he dropped this track the party got taken to the next level.

You may also remember this track from Disclosure’s FACT mix, but those boys sped it up, and what makes this track such a banger is its sloggy, plodding synth line.  Keep it on the regular.

More on Movement / DEMF in the coming days. Til then, let this track ride.

Octo Octa

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FIRST HE WANTED to see you, now you left him with that deep hurt.

Sir Michael Morrison aka Octo Octa, the Brooklyn beast of beats churning out house grooves for 100% Silk, has emerged from the underground with the Oh Love 12″, the follow-up to his essential Let Me Feel You EP that came out late last year.

Ghostly vocals reminiscent of Amanda Brown flitter through this teaser video for “Deep Hurt”, which isn’t  surprising, considering Octo Octa just teamed up with LA Vampires for the latest in their collaborative projects, Freedom 2K, also out now on 100% Silk.

The Silk seamstresses are on the trail touring Europe this summer, with all roads leading to Sonar, so be sure to catch them in a town near you EU readers.

In the meantime, let your Octo hang low.


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VRYBDY D4NC3 2 this one, Eliphino’s follow-up single to the buck More Than Me EP, “Vrybody” b/w “Don’t Make Sense”, available on Somethinksounds May 28.

“Vrybdy” booms with a combustible bassline wreaking havoc on your subs, a grimy & guttural low-end heave mixed with a tantric vocal loop forcing your deepest dance muscles to lock into a groove.

Flip side “Don’t Make Sense” mixes the mood, a wacky Middle Eastern meets Caribbean by ways of Latin America string ting synth joining a garage rhythm for a funky track worth swervin to.

Dive into this one, vrybdy’s d0in 1t.

Mykki Blanco

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***Full Disclosure: jazner is currently working with Friends of Friends and UNO NYC regarding Arca, who produced the music for the video above.

MYKKI BLANCO BLOSSOMED from the imagination of Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. A performance artist in many shades of the word, the poet/actor/rapper/musician/writer Quattlebaum debuted Mykki to the world after running away to New York City at the age of 16, where he began dressing like a woman and getting catcalled from the street by gawking males looking for some action.

In various interviews (for Vogue Italy, Interview Magazine, ELLE, and Glasnost NYC), Mykki Blanco has touched on the performance element and sexual empowerment her persona evokes. There’s a certain fearlessness, a sense of pride and disregard for being held to societal norms that frees up Mykki to say, do and act as she pleases.

Mykki couldn’t have come at a better time in the popular consciousness. LGBT rights are a major focus in political discourse at the moment (gay marriage, openly serving in the military), and only recently has the issue of bullying been spotlighted as a threat to adolescents.

(via FADER)

Not to mention the traditionally machismo culture of rap music. It remains to be seen what sort of energy a transgendered performing artist will imbue into a genre that has consistently been labeled misogynistic and dissmissing / deriding gay culture. At the very least, it will start a discussion, and what more can you ask for?

“Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me A Perm)” is produced by Arca and available on Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels, which dropped today on UNO NYC and OHWOW. The release showcases the punk side of Mykki (check out “Head Stone” below for clarity), although “Join My Militia” has a hip-hop vibe.

Mykki Blanco has a few more releases in the works. You can also listen to / download a collab with Brenmar, “Wavvy”, below.

Join the Mykki Blanco militia.

Disclosure – What’s In Your Head

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FRESH OFF THE hallowed decks of Pete Tong’s programme on BBC1, the UK brothers of the moment Disclosure unveiled a new track from their upcoming EP on Greco-Roman, “What’s In Your Head“.

If this one sounds familiar, it’s probably cuz you’ve been enveloped in Disclosure’s FACT mix from last week (at least jazner has been), where the boyz listed it as “Untitled” coming in around the 26′ mark.

Disclosure just makes you want to move your body and dance. Their sound is so playful, invigorating, and full-bodied, you know it’s gonna be around all summer.  Squeaky-clean synths, well rounded bouncing bass and pinpoint vocals give you the perfect mix of funky grooves, heart-wrenching swoons and dance party moves.

Keep an eye out for The Face EP to drop in the coming weeks, and hop back a few posts to hear the first track “Boiling” ft. Sinead Harnett.