Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ryce

Omar S Presents Aaron “Fit” Siegel ft. L’Renee – “Tonite (Detroit Mix)”

DETROIT STILL COURSING through the veins, jazner cannot escape the sounds of FXHE.

Saturday night at Movement / DEMF was spent at Beretta’s Ten Years of Techno after party, where Omar S debuted his live set for the first time. A live bassist and amazing female vocalist (pictured above) accompanied the analog drum machine sequencing of Omar S.

The highlight of the night was when the trio performed “Tonite”, the inescapable tune by Aaron “Fit” Siegel released on Omar S’ FXHE label in February. To say the vocalist commanded the room would be a gross understatement – homegurl stole everyone’s breath away, while the bassist anchored the crew down.

Just one of many special Motown moments.


2 Responses to “Tonite”

  1. the bassist was fit

  2. @xox actually saw him roller skating at Moodymann’s Soul Skate later that night

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