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Secret Stash Vol. 3

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THE LATEST INSTALLMENT in our DJ secret stash series is a remix courtesy of DJ Tameil, via NYC / NJ producer Physical Therapy, who dropped this track in his Boiler Room NYC set and was nice enough to share the details.

Already a repeated offender of hyperbole, jazner thinks it’s pretty safe and self-explanatory to say that Usher’s “Climax” is the best song of the year, thus far.

So fuck it, turn it into a jungle track.

Read Physical Therapy’s interview and stream his Record Sales EP over at FADER.



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That DJ you’ve grown to love and hate on the intrawebz is coming to you LA homies IRL.

Catch jazner DJ an eclectic blend of vocal house and sweet soul. Event is free, but feel free to holler if you need list or want that +1, jazner got u boo boo.


JULY 10 – 8pm-2am

Verdugo Bar – 3408 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065

FREE 21+


Eglo Monday

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Fatima & Funkineven – “Phoneline” (Rinse FM Rip)

IT’S BEEN A minute since we’ve checked in with one of our favorite crews in Eglo Records, and this weekend brought a double serving featuring the core members in some great new projects.

The first track comes from label head Floating Points, who teamed up with The Invisible to produce this remix for “Wings” off their Rispah LP available now on Ninja Tune. You can stream “Wings (Floating Points Remix)” in its legitimate entirety over at The Guardian.

Although not released under Eglo proper, this Floating Points remix has all the signs of Mr. Shepherd, with a balance of windy melodies, ambient grooves and jazz swings mixed into mellow dub perfect for the afternoon lounge.

The next track, “Phoneline”, ripped from a Hyperdub takeover of Rinse FM, is the first peek into a new collaboration between Fatima and Funkineven. The two have worked together before, mainly on Fatima’s 2010 Mindtravelin’ EP, and you know we excited to hear what the two have in store for the rest of the year.

Stay up to date with the most current Eglo news over at their site, where you can also hear a new track from their latest signee, Strange U. And for those in NYC, you lucky bastards (not jealous, or anything) have the chance to catch Floating Points live in a rare US performance at MoMA’s PS1 Warm Up, more on that here.

Inspector Norse IRL

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SOLO SUBURBAN DANCE party with home-cooked narcotics in this new video from the Terjelator aka Todd Terje, for “Inspector Norse”, the first track off the It’s The Arps EP on Smalltown Supersound.

With moves that would make anyone jealous, our protagonist takes us on a tour of his hood and rocks out to the space boogie sounds of Terje at his best.

Take a look.

Welsh Wolf

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James Welsh – Wolf EP 13

IT’S ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL when two things you love separately come together to become one.

So is the case with the latest EP from Wolf Music, who commissioned the house stylings of James Welsh on the forthcoming Wolf EP 13 out June 25.

You may remember Mr. Welsh from the stellar Air Valley EP he dropped on Hypercolour sub-label Loosing Suki earlier this year.

As for Wolf Music, jazner has been addicted to the series of EPs they’ve been putting out, from the glowing big room synths of Medlar, to the Young Adults-certified “Decay” by KRL, and massive cuts from Greymatter, Chicago Damn, San Soda, and many others.

Welsh’s EP is on the dark crawl house tip, save for the upbeat refix Medlar offers up on “M62”. Early favorite is “Zippyshare”, but “M62” ft. Terri Walker and the groovy dubbed out “Nowt” are well worth the listen.

Stay posted for more from Welsh & Wolf.


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Nguzunguzu – “Delirium”

JUNE GLOOM IS casting its gray shroud across Los Angeles, but there is a bright spot.

Nguzunguzu is prepping their latest EP, Warm Pulse, out next month on Hippos In Tanks, and the duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda have revealed the first streaming track, “Delirium”, that goes. Big time.

As always, the first element to speak to jazner is the universal language of bass. The low-end on “Delirium” is massive, fitting cleanly with the undulating, crisp snare & hi-hat trickles. The toy piano melody gives the track an eerie tone, mixed with siren samples and the token gunshot blast that call to Nguzunguzu’s roots with Fade To Mind and it’s parent label across the sea, Night Slugs.

Warm Pulse is definitely one to look forward to in the coming weeks. Hop over to the Hippos In Tanks site for more on how to git yr copy.

Child Ish

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George Fitzgerald – “Child”


After making an imprint on the scene with last year’s ‘Shackled’ EP on Hotflush, notably with the jazner-certified cutFeel Like“, George FitzGerald takes a major step towards house music on his latest EP for Aus, none more explicit that the title track, “Child”.

An aesthetic that drips early 90s, from the initial vocal yelp to the tinny hi-hat tick and finally the effervescent fluffy synth that comes front and center in this track – it’s an automatic fav.

If you like what you hear, stream the whole EP below.