Mosca – Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes EP


Mosca returns with another instant classic, the Eva Mendes EP, available from the unstoppable force that is Hypercolour – recently highlighted by Resident Advisor as Label Of The Month.

Much like “Bax” and “Square One”, the EP’s title track has a lasting quality that burrows deep into the soul of the groove, leaving you with an inescapable rhythm that keeps you bumping long after the track concludes. If you haven’t heard this played out in the club yet, be prepared – this goes beyond summer anthem and heads straight for year-end list territory.

“Murderous”, however, may be jazner‘s favorite track, the sassy congas, sexy vocals and silky smooth synth line get you wanting to make some really good bad decisions. And not to be slept on is “Accidently” featuring the one and only Robert Owens.

Keep an eye out at your neighborhood independent record store for this EP, or if you the digital type, check all the usual suspects. Either way, do yourself a favor and HOP ON DIS.


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